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Calgary Gold Mart
sells pure precious metals, coins, rounds and bars in Troy ounces and kilograms. Our pure metal comes from customers and reputable wholesalers. Visit our store to buy rounds, coins and bars based on the current market. AB bullion coins and bars, gold or silver coins or bars less than 99.5% are covered by 5% G.S.T. Therefore, we usually offer rounds (99.9%), Canadian maple leaf coins (99.9%) and bars (99.9%) for customers. In addition, we offer our clients many old coins and currencies that the world's best mint produces.   

Investing in Gold
For thousands of years, gold has
been  the target of world currencies, commodities, investments and simple beauty. With the rapid development of the financial markets in the 1980s and 1990s, gold receded into the background, and many investors lost contact with this last resort asset. In recent years, investors' interest in gold has increased significantly. The steady rise in prices is obviously backed by the fact that demand steadily surpasses supply, but there are many reasons why people and institutions around the world invest in gold again.

Featured gold
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Canadian Gold Maple
  • British Sovereign
  • Pamp Swiss Bar
  • Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • more

, a repository of values, has been used as a means of exchange since ancient times (see Gen. 23:16). It was that Silver was imprinted, as croysos (560-546 BC), not as an official coin until the reign of the king of Lydia (So Asia). In 1792, Alexander Hamilton, secretary of the US Treasury, proposed the adoption of a monetary system based on gold and silver. Silver does not supply to meet the demand for coins face value of the coin is worth gold or decay fall down until the silver was a distributor for US coins . The U.S. government removed silver in the fourth quarter of 1965 and cut half a dollar from coins to 40% by 1970. Today in the United States,silver is used only for bullion, commemorative and evidence coins. Silver priced at nearly $ 50.00 per ounce in 1979 and 2011. Many of the current price is the value of silver rises to believe that the demand significantly undervalued along.

Main silver
  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple
  • Sunshine 100oz Bar
  • NTR 10 oz Bar
  • American Buffalo Silver Round
  • Canada 80% dime, quarter
  • more

Our sales price 
(Updated: April 15, 2021)
Carat / Purityprice
 1 oz. Gold Coin. 9999 $ 2,420.00 / coin
 1 oz. Gold Wafer. 9999 $ 2,400.00 / wafer
 1/4 oz. Gold Coin. 9999 Sold Out
 1 grams. Gold Coin. 9999 $ 90.00 / coin
 1 /10 oz. Platinum Coin. 9995 $ 215.00 / coin
 1 oz. Maple Leaf Silver .9999 $ 42.70 / coin
 1 oz. Silver Round .999 $ 41.80 / round
 1 oz. 1990 US Eagle Silver .999 $ 50.00 / coin
 10 oz. Silver Bar .9999 $ 415.00 / bar
 0.5 oz. Silver Special .9999  $ 30.00 / coin
 1/4 oz. Platinum Coin. 999,5 $ 495.00 / round
 100 oz. Silver Bar .999 $ 3,950.00 / bar

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