"Instant Payment for Gold Silver"

 There are so many companies dealing precious metals nowadays.
  We are one of Calgary's leading goldbuyers and precious metals dealers

 We are locally owned and fully licensed to buy and sell any type of jewellery or precious metals in any quantity. We provide our clients with the  best prices because we receive volume pricing from largest local refinery and dealers. We take low profit margin from many loyal clients and have many repeat clients. We have received many referrals from past clients. Our goldbuyers have been involved with precious metals and rare items since 2011 and have served with many clients in Alberta at a fair price.

 Over the past few years, we have monitored many goldbuyers paying low prices to clients. Those goldbuyers offer all kinds of "bonus coupons", "gold mail pack", "gold parties", and attractive guarantees to tempt clients to sell their precious metals for as little as 50% of it's market value. We have monitored most competitors and observe they have purchased "recycling gold with low price payout to clients. This is a good concept for the competitors with recycling gold, but there are low payout for the precious metals holders with using "recycling" word. We put a lot of time, thinking and energy in order to improve business for us and provide our clients with improved payout and honest trustworthy service. If you are interested in getting top dollar for your broken or used jewellery, coins and bars, our goldbuyers are always happy to assist you.

 We sell pure precious metals, coins, rounds and bars in troy ounce and kilo weights with lowest premium in Alberta and British Columbia. Our pure bullion comes from our clients and prestigious mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint. Bullion coins and bars in Alberta: any gold or silver coin or bar less than 99.5% pure is subject to 5% G.S.T. For this reason, we mainly offer bullion coins and bars(99.9% pure). We always keep a certain amount of physical gold and silver on hand, so you can take immediate possession of your purchase. We also offer absolute client confidentiality. Visit our downtown store and purchase our bullion coins and bars based on current market value. We hope that you will protect and increase your wealth with physical gold and silver.