"Instant Payment for Gold Silver"

If it is gold or another precious metal, we will buy it!

 Items that we buy
 As Calgary's largest and newest gold buyer, we often get asked what types of gold and silver jewellery.  
we prefer to buy. Here is a list of items:

 Broken and Unwanted Jewellery
 ◦ Memories Past
 ◦ Dental Gold
 ◦ Gold Coins
 ◦ Gold Bars
 ◦ Gold Watches
 ◦ Silver Bars
 ◦ Silver Jewellery
 ◦ Single Earrings
 ◦ Scrap Chains
 ◦ Bracelets
 ◦ Gold Nuggets
 ◦ East Indian & Asian Gold
 ◦ Silver Coins
 ◦ Silverware
 ◦ And More…

    If you are unsure your pieces are gold please bring them in.
    We would be happy to test them for you.

 Items that we do not buy
  We do not buy any gold-plated or gold filled items. The reason is that the actual gold content
is too small to have any market value. Here is a list of items:

 ◦  GF: Gold Filled (Items with a thicker gold plate 
 ◦  GP: Gold Plated 
 ◦  GE: Gold Electroplated 
 ◦  1/10th 10Kt: Items only contain 1/10th of their weight as 10kt 
 ◦  18K.P: 18 Karat gold plated(Only the plating is 18K gold) 
 ◦  RGP: Rolled Gold Plate 
 ◦  EPNS: Electroplated Nickel Silver
 ◦  HGE: Heavy Gold Plate  
 ◦  GS: Gold Shell  

 A list of hallmark stamps
  The gold's purity is usually stamped right on the items. If the stamps has worn off, our buyers will check the purity of the items for you. Here is a list of hallmark stamps:

   Karat stamps
 ◦ 9k    English or European Gold
 ◦ 10k  Canada and America
 ◦ 14k  Common in North America, Italy and Asia
 ◦ 18k  Common in Europe
 ◦ 22k  Midddle Eastern, India and Asia
 ◦ 23k  China
 ◦ 24k  Asia
 ◦ 925  Stering silver
 ◦ GP,EGP,GF, Guaranteed, RGP, HE, KP
 Purity of gold
 Too small gold

Gold and Silver

Our Buy Prices (Updated : April 15, 2021)
 Karat / Purity Price
 Maple Leaf Gold Coin(.9999) $2,200.00 / coin
 24K Scrap Gold $60.00 / g
 22K Scrap Gold $47.50 / g
 18K Scrap Gold $38.00 / g
 14K Scrap Gold $29.50 / g
 10K Scrap Gold $21.25 / g
 1 oz. Maple Silver Coin $33.50 / coin
 1 oz. 999 Silver bar $32.00 / bar
 10 oz. 999 Silver bar $320.00/  bar
 100 oz. 999 Silver bar $3,100.00 / bar
 Silver Coin 1966 prior $14.00/ dollar
 925 Sterling Silver & 925 D $0.68/g & $0.62/g

        .Displayed price is an indication only.

.All transactions must be confirmed via phone.