"Instant Payment for Gold Silver"

 Instant Payment For Gold in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Bring any item of gold to store.
  2. Our buyers will test and value your gold items.
  3. We will give you cash or check on the spot.
 As you arrive at Calgary Goldmart, you will be greeted in a friendly manner by one of our buyers. Our buyers will serve you right away. Usally there is little or no wait.

 Gold Testing - There are 5 stages to purchase gold items.

1. The Magnet Test
 This is a first step. Gold is not magnetic.
To do magnetic test we use a strong Earth Magnet. This is a powerful permanent magenet made from alloys of rare earth elements. The reason we use this is because gold is not magentic. This helps us quickly sort out some fake gold. If the item is the magnet, we cannot buy the item.

2. The Loupe Test
 Most real jewellery is stamped with a carat or number. Most stamps are visible to the naked eye but some are stamped on the tiny posts  of  earrings or are too worn down to make out. Therefore, we use a jewellers loupe which gives 10 x magnification. Stamps tell us what the item is sold as and is a fairly reliable way of identifying the gold purity. However, it is not rare to find an item stamped as one purity that is not even gold. We will separate stamped items into marked containers and those that are unstamped will be placed to the different containers.

3. Visual Test
 If there is any wear betweeen links that would reveal another metal under the gold, observe and feel the item. If you see wear or other metals exposed, this is an indicator that an item is plated and we cannot buy it.

4. Acid Test/Slate Test
 The acid test is used to determine and confirm the carat.
Test surface karat with acid on slate.
 Scratch the item on the slate. Next to item's mark, items that are confirmed to be 10k, 12k, 14k are scratched as well. A small drop of acid is placed on the slate along the scratch marks.
If the item is the same karat or higher, the color of the scratch mark for the item will appear the same as the mark from the confirmed piece.

5. Filing Test
 This test needs to be completed on any pieces with any thickness greater than 2mm.
File or cut actual piece and test with acid directly on item.

 Weighting and Stone removal

 Once all the items have been sorted by karat, we weight the items on a certified scale. Our scale will show you the true weight of your items in grams. We weigh all items identified at a particular karat together but can also weigh individual items for you. We do not purchase or sell gem stones for profit, if any are recovered, proceeds from them are donated to charity. If wish for the "stones" to be removed from the items prior to the completion of the sale, that this will be performed at owner risk.

 Quotation and Payment

 Our prices are based on the current market price of precious metals. Your payout is based on the purity of precious metals and the weight of your items. We will pay cash or check for your precious metals on the spot.